February 27, 2017

Dear Friends and Hair Beauties,

24 years ago I moved to Washington to begin a new life and follow my passion of becoming an artist of hair. After working at many various different salons for 11 years, I finally opened up my own shop. Alice Beauty Salon is one of the first and original shops remaining in the Issaquah Highlands. With heavy and happy heart, tomorrow will be the last day of operation for Alice Beauty Salon. I have decided to begin a new chapter of my life in New York.

I want to thank the Issaquah Highlands community. This is truly a special place where that Im proud to be part of.

Many of you have known me since the beginning. Tracking me from salon to salon before I finally opened my own. Thank you all so much for your support and your trust in me all these years. Weve laughed together, cried together, and grown together. Those are memories you can never trim away.

Best wishes. Be happy. And remember, you look great. Inside out.

Love, Alice