Haircut & Styling
Children's Haircut (under age 10)$20.00
Children's Haircut with Shampoo$23.00
Children's Haircut with Shampoo & Blowdry$26.00
Teenage Boy's Haircut (starting at)$25.00
Teenage Girl's Haircut (starting at)$40.00
Men's Haircut (starting at)$30.00
Women's Design Cut$60.00
Bangs or Neck Trim$10.00
Beard or Mustache Trim$10.00
Hair Color Services
All Over Color (starting at)$65.00
Touch Up Color (starting at)$65.00
Full Highlights (starting at)$95.00
Partial Highlights (starting at)$80.00
Virgin Bleach$80.00
Corrective Color (per hour)$90.00
Special Styles
French Braids$35.00
Women's Blowdry Style$50.00
Special Event Styling (dry hair)$80.00
Perms / Straighteners
Keratin Straightening (permanent)$300.00
Perfection Smoothout (lasts 8-12 weeks)$150.00
Beach Wave Perm$120.00
KeraGLAZE Straightening (lasts up to 6 shampoos)$50.00
Perm (short to med length hair)$85.00
Perm (long hair)$105.00
Conditioning Treatments
Deep Conditioning with Shampoo & Blowdry$50.00
Intense Scalp Therapy with Shampoo & Blowdry$55.00
Brow Shaping$15.00
Lip Wax$15.00
Lip Wax & Brow Shaping$25.00